How long will scrubs made from recycled fabric last?

How long will scrubs made from recycled fabric last?

Fabrics made from recycled materials are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous environmental advantages and durability compared to other fabric blends.

Recycled fabrics are light and breathable to wear while being durable and long-lasting. Resistant to wrinkles, abrasions, and fading, H2H Scrubs are made from a recycled fabric called GreenThreads™ and retains its quality and appearance even after many, many of washes. This makes it an ideal material for medical and nursing scrubs.

Of course recycled fabric also offers significant environmental benefits. The production of normal polyester requires the extraction of crude oil, which is a non-renewable resource. GreenThreads™ is made from plastic bottles that have been diverted from landfills and oceans, and coffee grounds collected from cafes who are committed to reducing their waste. By using recycled polyester, we can reduce our reliance on oil and reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

So should you buy scrubs made from recycled fabrics? Well, they are environmentally friendly, have a lower carbon footprint and are also super-soft to wear.

You can expect scrubs made from GreenThreads™ to last as long as other fabric blends. By choosing recycled fabrics, you can contribute to a more sustainable future while still enjoying a high-quality product that meets your needs.


Image thanks to Moonstarious Project

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