100% recycled. 100% soft.

Introducing our game-changing GreenThreads™ fabric. This revolutionary high-performance fibre was exclusively designed for our healthwear range, crafted from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. Whether you're a style enthusiast, or simply someone who cares about the planet, our GreenThreads™ fabric is designed to make you feel great while making a positive impact.

Our impact has well and truly started!

We have already saved 346,500 plastic bottles and 126,000 cups of coffee ground waste from landfill.

GreenThreads™ data

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GreenThreads™ features

Silky-soft cotton feel

Soft as a cloud, light as a feather – our fabric is pure comfort!

Natural stretch

Unleash your moves with fabric that stretches seamlessly for ultimate freedom

Breathable and durable

Designed to excel in climate-controlled environment


Stay cool and collected with our moisture-wicking fabric

Quick drying

Fabric that dries in a blink of an eye

Natural odour control

Let coffee grounds work their magic for all-day odour control

Loves animals, repels fur

Anti-static and non-stick, perfect for working with furry friends

Antibacterial protection

Antibacterial finish keeps microorganisms at bay

50+ UV protection
Coffee-infused fabric naturally shields from harmful rays

Easy-care wash and wear

Wash. Hang. Wear. Repeat.

What is GreenThreads™ made from?

• 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles and coffee grounds
• No virgin materials used, which conserves precious natural resources
• Plastic bottles are diverted from landfill or collected from the ocean
• Coffee grounds are collected from cafés and restaurants

How is GreenThreads™ made?

Girl in a jacket


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100% recycled

100% comfort

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The recycling program that gives your old scrubs a new life



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