How to choose the right scrub size when buying online

How to choose the right scrub size when buying online

It’s no secret that sizing of clothing can differ from brand to brand. This can be frustrating, especially when you’re buying products online. Let’s face it, we buy online for the convenience so we want our purchases to be right the first time.

In an effort to end frustrations about inconsistent sizing, Rip Curl surveyed 2300 16-to-24 year-olds back in 2003, to find an standard Australian standard. We are typically taller than 20 years ago and measurements of chest, hips and waist have changed too.

So how can you tell which scrub is going to fit you best? Aside from the online fit guide which has a breakdown of the garment size in centimeters, H2H Scrubs have been designed using current and ‘typical Australian’ measurements. 

This means our Women’s size 14 pants will fit a ‘typical’ size 14 body. And our womens sizes come in 6, 8, 10, right up to 22. We’re not doing vanity sizing - that is downsizing to make you confused. At the end of the day, we’re a brand that is designed to fit every body.

What about unisex scrubs? We know some women prefer to wear a unisex scrub so recommend choosing from our mens range. A mens-cut is generally squarer and less fitted, making it suitable for women to wear. 

The best way to get the right size is to -

  1. Know your basic measurements - hips, waist and chest
  2. Check the fit guide and read the fit information on the product pages
  3. Read any information about model size so you can see what size they’re wearing and how it fits them
  4. If you prefer to wear a unisex scrub, choose from the mens range and go down 2 sizes

Creating standard sizes also help reduce the number of returns. Returns can be costly for both the customer and the retailer, as they require additional resources and time to process. If customers can confidently order the right size based on their standard size, there will be fewer returns and fewer hassles for everyone involved.

Standard sizes also benefit the environment by reducing the amount of textile waste. When clothes don't fit, customers are more likely to discard them, leading to more clothes ending up in landfills. By ensuring that clothes fit properly, standard sizes can help reduce the amount of waste generated by the fashion industry.

As online shopping continues to grow, it is important we adhere to standard sizing charts to improve the customer experience and reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

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